Comprehensive: Many hours of study covering all aspects of professional writing in detail
Flexible: A stand-alone learning tool for remote learners or a follow-up to onsite training
Individual: Participants learn at their own pace and in their own time
Well structured: Six courses, each consisting of a number of lessons
Streamlined: In some courses, participants can complete pre-assessments to evaluate their needs
Time saving: Each lesson is bookmarked when exited, making it easy to resume learning
Stimulating: Lessons contain well researched lesson text and plenty of interactive activities
Easy to use: User-friendly and suitable for all levels of technical experience
Ongoing: Printable course notes for reference purposes and continuous learning
Efficient: Many resources with numerous time-saving templates and example documents
Measurable: Courses with assessments include summary and detailed reports
Recognition: Participants receive a certificate once they successfully complete the courses